Typhoid vaccine

Treatment in 3 easy steps

Find out the risk of typhoid in your country of travel and see your pharmacist for a consultation and vaccination. This will be either an injection or a short course of capsules.

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Visit your local pharmacist for a consultation.


Receive your vaccine provided by your pharmacist.

Do you need a typhoid vaccination?

If you are going away to a country in an area of poor sanitation where you are likely to be exposed to typhoid, you should speak to your pharmacist about getting vaccinated. They can give you a consultation and administer the vaccination. The typhoid vaccination comes in two forms: a single injection or a course of capsules to be take every other day for three doses.

It is a private (paid for) service available to non-pregnant adults and children over 2 (injection) or 5 years old (capsules). You may be eligible for a free vaccine on the NHS through your GP practice.

Research your typhoid risk

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Receive your injection or capsules

Take capsules on alternate days for three doses

Take precautions to avoid exposure to typhoid

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“When untreated, typhoid is an extremely dangerous illness. Although it is rare in the UK, it is important to be vaccinated and take precautions to avoid it when travelling in zones where it is prevalent.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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