Tick-borne encephalitis

Treatment in 3 easy steps

Have a consultation with your pharmacist and receive your first vaccination at least a month before travelling. You will need either one or two follow-up vaccinations for protection.

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Visit your local pharmacist for a consultation.


Receive your vaccinations provided by your pharmacist.

Do you need a TBE vaccination?

The average traveller has a low risk of TBE. However, those planning to walk, camp or work in heavily forested regions of affected countries, particularly in April and October, should be vaccinated. You can use the NHS Fitfortravel site to find out the risk of tick-borne encephalitis where you are travelling. The vaccination is not available on the NHS but your pharmacist or your Practice Nurse may be able to offer this as a private service.

The full course is two or sometimes three doses, depending on circumstances. You should still take precautions to avoid tick bites regardless of whether you have been vaccinated.

Check risk for area/time of travel

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Receive your first vaccination

Return for follow-up doses

Take measures to avoid tick bites while travelling

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“Whilst many people recover from the symptoms of TBE within a week, others experience neurological damage, long-lasting side effects and even death. Combined with prevention methods to avoid tick bites, vaccination is an effective way of avoiding TBE whilst travelling for those at risk.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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