Rabies vaccination

Treatment in 3 easy steps

There are over 60,000 cases of rabies each year. You should get your first rabies vaccination at least a month before travelling. You'll need a course of three injections. How often you need boosters depends on your risk.

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Do you need a rabies vaccination?

Travellers to high-risk regions, particularly to remote areas where it will be hard to get immediate medical attention and those working with animals, should get vaccinated.

The vaccination is a course of three injections. How often you need boosters after your first course depends on your risks.

The rabies vaccine can be given after a person has been bitten but must be given very quickly. You still need to seek urgent medical help if you are bitten, even if you have been vaccinated.

Check area of travel for risk

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Receive your first vaccination

Complete your course of 3 vaccines

Seek medical help if you are bitten

“In the UK, rabies is almost non-existent. However, travellers in Africa and Asia should be aware of the risks of animal bites, scratches and even licks to wounds. The rabies vaccination is very effective but you should seek medical attention quickly if you have contact with an infected animal.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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