Hepatitis B vaccine

Treatment in 3 easy steps

Find out the risk of hepatitis B in your country of travel and see your pharmacist for a consultation and vaccination. Start your course of vaccines three months before travel and take precautions to avoid exposure to it.

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Visit your local pharmacist for a consultation.


Receive your course of vaccinations provided by your pharmacist.

Do you need the hepatitis B vaccination?

If you're travelling abroad, particularly in sub-Saharan Africa and East Asia, you need to look up the risk of hepatitis B. Vaccination against this virus is recommended for some travellers to high-risk countries.

If you require a vaccination, your pharmacist can provide this as a private service for both a consultation and the vaccination itself. The service is not routinely available on the NHS. Vaccination against hepatitis B involves three or four doses of the vaccine, ideally started at least three months before you travel. There is also a combined hepatitis A and B vaccine.

Research hepatitis B risk in your country of travel

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Start vaccination 3 months before travel

Continue course of 3 or 4 vaccinations

Take precautions to avoid exposure to hepatitis B

Ask your pharmacist about hepatitis B protection

"Many people remain well even after developing chronic hepatitis B but some develop serious liver problems which is why getting travel vaccinations when headed to high-risk places is so important. Don’t let hepatitis B ruin your holiday!”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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