Cholera vaccination

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Have a consultation with your pharmacist and receive your sachets to dissolve and drink. The doses will be taken 1-6 weeks apart.

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Do you need a cholera vaccination?

Even in at-risk areas, the risk to travellers is still quite small. The vaccine is only recommended to those going to work in an area of a known cholera outbreak such as aid workers, or those planning to stay for a long time, especially if there will be limited access to medical care.

The cholera vaccine is given as a powder in a sachet, dissolved in water to drink. Children aged 2-6 will need three doses whereas those over 6 will only need two. This is a private service from your pharmacist but you may be eligible for a free vaccination on the NHS from your GP.

Check risk for area of travel

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Receive your sachets

Take as directed

Wash hands frequently while travelling

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"Cholera affects millions of people worldwide each year. However, the risk to travellers remains low even in high-risk areas so there are only a few groups like aid workers and those living and working in cholera outbreak areas for whom the vaccine is necessary."

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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