Altitude sickness tablets

Treatment in 3 easy steps

Have a consultation with your pharmacist and receive your altitude sickness tablets. Take them if you start having mountain sickness symptoms or to reduce your risk of developing the condition.

Choose an appointment

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Chat with a pharmacist to see if altitude sickness medication is right for you.


Receive your tablets provided by your pharmacist.

Should you get altitude sickness tablets for your trip?

There are tablets your pharmacist can offer you to treat mountain sickness if you are going to an area where you are at high risk. Acetazolamide tablets can also be used in some cases to reduce your risk of developing acute mountain sickness. Your pharmacist may be able to provide you with the tablets but the price will vary based on the amount you need.

There are certain conditions and medications which prevent you from being able to take acetazolamide, as well as if you are under 18 or pregnant.

Find out the risk in your area of travel

Have a consultation

Receive acetazolamide tablets

Take measures to prevent altitude sickness

Descend if sickness worsens

See your pharmacist to prevent altitude sickness

“Altitude sickness can be very dangerous and it is important to take every measure to prevent it, including taking tablets with you. You should ascend to high altitude as slowly as possible, take regular breaks and be aware of the symptoms to prevent it turning into something more serious.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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