Shingles treatment

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Shingles usually occurs after a period of stress or illness. If you have a moderate or severe case, a pharmacist may be able to prescribe a short course of antiviral medication.

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What to do if you need shingles treatment

A seven day course of antiviral medicines can be taken to limit the severity and duration of shingles symptoms and should be taken within 72 hours (or within a maximum of one week) after the shingles rash first appears.

Antiviral medicines are not routinely offered to everyone with shingles so you should check that you are in a group at risk of complications including those over 50, those with a moderate or severe case and those with infection affecting areas outside the torso.

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Take medication for 7 days

Manage symptoms with painkillers

Wear loose clothing

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"Shingles can be a really nasty condition for some people. If you are in one of the groups at risk of complications, get antiviral treatment as soon as possible to prevent shingles developing into something more severe.”

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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