Medicine Use Reviews (NHS)

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Your pharmacist can carry out a medicine use review to help you understand when and how to take your medicine, so it does the best job of preventing serious complications and helping your condition.

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Do I need a Medicine Use Review?

In a MUR, the pharmacist will ask you about your medication and advise you on a wide range of issues. They can help you deal with or avoid side effects; any problems related to ordering, getting or taking medicines; and how to ensure your medicines work as well as possible for you. Your pharmacist will be able to pass any recommendations back to your GP.

A MUR may be for you if you’ve been discharged from hospital in the last four weeks. Or, if you are taking certain medicines, such as regular anti-inflammatory tablets (such as aspirin, or ibuprofen); blood thinners (such as warfarin); or diuretics (water tablets); steroid tablets; or combination inhalers for lung conditions.

Avoid or deal with side effects

Get help ordering or taking medicines

Check you're on the right dose

Learn when and how to use 'as needed' medicine

Information passed back to your GP

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"Pharmacists carrying out medicine use reviews offer a vital service. They can help you better understand when and how to take your medicine, so it does the best possible job of helping your health condition, while preventing serious complications like heart attack or bleeding."

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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