Steroid cream for dermatitis

Treatment in 3 easy steps

Dermatitis is the medical word for inflammation of the skin. Steroid cream can sometimes help.

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Visit your local pharmacist for a consultation.


Receive your cream and use as directed by your pharmacist.

When do you need steroid cream for dermatitis?

If prevention and moisturising aren’t enough to manage symptoms, the next step in treatment is steroid cream. Weak versions of a mild steroid cream called hydrocortisone can be obtained from your pharmacist for use on certain parts of the body.

However, if you have used a weak steroid cream for at least a week without results, you may need a more potent cream like betamethasone 0.1%. For this you need to have a consultation with your pharmacist or get a GP prescription.

Find out the cause of your dermatitis

Avoid trigger if applicable

Have a consultation with your pharmacist

Receive steroid cream

Use for up to 2 weeks

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"Both forms of dermatitis can be frustrating. Dry, inflamed skin can sometimes be unbearably itchy. Avoiding triggers where possible is very effective but sometimes you may need a topical treatment for the condition. Dermatitis responds well to steroid creams."

Dr Sarah Jarvis MBE

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