Coronavirus (COVID-19)

In December. 2019, a new coronavirus was discovered which causes a respiratory disease. This has been named COVID-19. The virus has now been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. As individuals and communities, we need to take action to prevent, isolate and care for ourselves and others during the outbreak.

Here at Patient Access, we've gathered all of our resources to help you stay informed, safe and in control of your healthcare.

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What should I do?

As new measures are announced to protect the public from coronavirus and COVID-19, we’re here to offer you guidance and advice. GP practices and pharmacies are currently very busy. Some GP surgeries have switched off online appointments or are turning to telephone or video appointments to minimise the risk of people coming in with COVID-19 symptoms.

Patient, the NHS and Public Health England are all producing regularly updated guidance and advice so you can stay on top of the latest information.

To help stop the spread of coronavirus, you should:

  • Take part in social distancing by avoiding social venues and gatherings to reduce the spread of coronavirus

  • Check the communications or website of your GP practice or pharmacy for actions they are taking

  • If you or anyone you live with experience any symptoms of fever or a new, continuous cough, you should self-isolate and not leave your house

Self Isolating?

If you are self isolating and staying indoors, it is important to take care of both your mental and physical health. 

At Patient we have a wealth of resources, including tests, recipes, and features to help you deal with exceptional circumstances.

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Need healthcare information?

As always, your GP should be the first port of call if you require medical assistance.

However, many surgeries are currently busy due to an increase in cases of coronavirus (COVID-19). has over 2,000 patient information leaflets, features and medicine leaflets as well as multiple tests, quizzes and a symptom checker.

With over 20 years of content, Patient is one of the UK's most trusted clinical content resources, used by patients and clinicians alike. 

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